A completely redesigned XC bike for when the race goes well beyond the tape

Born from an unrelenting need to push our limits, the completely redesigned Lux Trail redefines what can be done on an XC bike. Speed is at the heart of the Lux Trail and now riders can make that speed last all day long and get the confidence to push their limits on rough and demanding endurance trails. This is maximum speed over maximum distances.

What’s new?

The Lux Trail is a completely new bike that’s been entirely redesigned from the bottom up. It shares DNA with the race proven Lux World Cup, but while that bike is all about chasing wins between the tape, the Lux Trail is made for chasing records beyond the tape.

On paper, the Lux Trail is a 120 mm 29er with 115 mm of rear suspension, but when clipped in, those numbers feel completely different. Teaming up these stats with the bike’s new kinematics and rear suspension design, there’s instant responsiveness on the climbs and levels of control and manoeuvrability on the descents that makes riders choose the faster line.

All-day geo

The Lux Trail’s geometry is central to the bike's efficiency and capabilities as it pushes for the most comfortable and fatigue-reducing ride possible. A steep seat tube holds the rider in a powerful position to attack climbs, while the slack head angle puts them in full control for tackling technical descents.

Making the seat tube angle steeper by 1.5° to 76° puts the rider in a more upright position that helps make long rides more comfortable. This steep seat tube also puts the rider in a more efficient position above the bottom bracket which helps improve the power transfer from the pedals to the trail. Having the rider’s weight in the right place keeps the front wheel planted on climbs. Slackening the head angle by 0.5° to 67° is all about control at high speeds and on steep downhill descents.

Carbon frames only

There are so many highlights on the new Lux Trail but the new frame is surely one of the best. The Lux Trail is an ultralight XC bike with a CFR frame in size Medium tipping the scales at 1,996 g and with a CF frame weighing in at 2,164g.

At the core of these impressive numbers is our approach to creating carbon frames. CFR frame construction sees thin layers of expertly crafted carbon strategically layered to give robust support where you need it and to make impressive weight savings elsewhere. These are the frames that our elite riders race at the pinnacle of the sport. CF models are geared towards privateer and weekend racers as they deliver the essence of CFR frames in a more accessible package.

Details make the difference

The further you race beyond the tape, the more reliant you become on your bike. Mechanicals and punctures can ruin months of training for FKTs in seconds. The Lux Trail comes with an integrated two-stage repair plan to get riders going again. For quick fixes and fixing flats, there is a mini-tool stored in the underside of the top tube, a CO2 canister attached to the inside of the downtube storage cover, and tyre plugs in the bar ends. For bigger jobs, the downtube can hold a Canyon LOAD Pouch, which can be bought as an optional extra. Quickly whip the pouch out and grab tubes, CO2 canister, tyre levers, and just about anything else you'd need to get going again.

Size specific shock tunings, dropper post travel, and cockpit dimensions make the Lux Trail ready to race right out of the box. Lux Trail CFR models come with an integrated carbon Trail Cockpit, with XS frames getting a size specific size.

Riders also need to maintain themselves for top performance on epic rides. Unlike others in this category, every Lux Trail holds two water bottles inside the frame, so riders can leave their hydration packs at home on long XC rides.

Adjustable performance suspension

The rider has complete control over the suspension on the fly. A handlebar mounted control quickly flicks between three suspension modes: Open, Pedal, and Locked. Open Mode lets riders take advantage of the full amount of travel in the front and rear suspension for maximum traction. Pedal Mode holds the bike higher in its travel — perfect for powering up climbs with less pedal bob. Locked Mode fully locks out the suspension for incredible efficiency, letting you put all your power down during sprints and paved climbs.To be in total control, you need incredible traction. The completely redesigned single-pivot suspension is now similar to the Lux World Cup but we’ve added a hanging rocker that improves small bump sensitivity. This is the key to the Lux Trail’s kinematics and makes it feel like a bike with much more rear travel. With a size-specific shock tuning for sizes XS to M and for L and XL, the Lux Trail delivers performance for everyone.

2024 All-New Canyon Lux Trail | Tech Explained

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