Canyon Bicycles

About Canyon 

Canyon is a market-leading bicycle manufacturer that started out as a small family business in the 1980s in Koblenz/Germany. Those family roots not only keep the company grounded – it also maintains the motivation to achieve more. Since those humble days, Canyon became the world’s leading direct to customer bike company and a leading manufacturer of bikes. You’ll see Canyon bikes everywhere from your city streets, local trails and bike paths, all the way up to the professional peloton.


Canyon SA – History

Racing for the Canyon Marathon Team for three years, Erik fell in love with the bikes and built a deep connection with the brand. After little time the idea of making Canyon Bicycles available in bike-loving South Africa arouse and by the end of 2018 Canyon Bicycles became obtainable in South Africa. The first three years were operated directly through Canyon Germany and our customers had to import the bike themselves. The process was not easy so the model was changed. Erik founded his own company to handle the import process for our SA customers.


Canyon SA – Today

Since the end of 2021 Canyon Bicycles are available in South Africa through a simple order process: You contact us with your desired bike model, size and color and we order the bike for you. If your bike is in stock it will be shipped after the payment receipt. We will handle the import process for you and 10-14 business days after your payment, you will receive the bike at your doorstep – or ready to pick-up at our shop or at our service partner in Johannesburg. If your preferred model and size is not available at the moment, it can be pre-ordered for you and payment will be requested 1-2 weeks before the shipping date. 


Canyon Bikes in SA

There are also limited models available in SA at our shop Canyoncafe in Stellenbosch and at our service partner in Johannesburg. 


Workshop in Stellenbosch

In 2019 we opened our shop “Canyoncafe” to display our Canyon bikes SA stock and to offer exclusive technical support for our Canyon customers. In 2021 we expanded the shop with a workshop (also open for every bike brand) to provide a service center with Canyon expercienced mechanics that know all the tricks.