Control the rush

The Lux World Cup is a top-tier racing machine, boasting an almost impossibly light, full-suspension, carbon fibre frame, with 100mm of front and rear suspension, and confidence-inspiring geometry. It's an uncompromising Cross-Country race machine with a World-Cup-winning pedigree.

Trimmed to win

World Championships. European Championships. Countless World Cup race wins. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Canyon Lux is one of the most dominant bikes on the cross-country racing scene. Now they’re back for the 2022 season, ready to mix it up at the highest echelons of the sport in the hands of a glittering array of Canyon talent – including Mathieu van der Poel, Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, Emily Batty, Andreas Seewald, and Martin Stosek, to name but a few. Simply put, the Lux and Exceed are the choice of XC titans.

The 2022 Lux is built around the existing frame platform first released in 2019: a full-suspension race weapon with a proven track record at world level. Designed to deliver maximum control and speed on demanding, technical modern XC courses, it’s packed with performance features – including ultra-efficient kinematics, superlight chain catchers, and a weight-saving rear suspension flex pivot design.

Unrivalled climbing

The Lux World Cup owes its World Cup-dominating, climb-devouring, rocket-launching speed to its exceptional engineering. An ultra-effective shock placement and rocker link paired with incredibly efficient kinematics and anti-squat values has created one of the best climbing XC bikes ever.Simply put – this bike flies.

Ultralight construction

The less weight you have to move, the faster you’ll go. At its lightest, the Lux World Cup CFR tips the scales at an airy 1535 grams, putting it amongst the lightest full-suspension mountain bikes in the world. But this isn’t a bike of compromises. Not a drop of strength, durability, or stiffness has been sacrificed.It’s a heavyweight performer in a lightweight package.

Carbon Flex Pivot

Every unnecessary gram is gone. Doing away with traditional chainstay pivots, we’ve created an ingenious carbon flex pivot and combined that with a lightweight and responsive rear triangle. This smart move brings the best of both worlds – weight is dropped but incredible suspension performance remains.

Lighter, Stronger rocker

All of what you need. None of what you don’t. The Lux World Cup’s rocker uses very little hardware, making the bike as light as possible while still delivering fantastic traction and strength. CeramicSpeed SLT bearings used on the CFR means you’ll have top performance and brilliant reliability on every ride.

Blistering descents

This is the sweet spot of XC riding with geometry that gives you the confidence to ease off the brakes on technical descents. A slack 68.5-degree head angle puts you in charge when you’re barreling down steep trails, while the combination of a longer reach with a shorter stem helps you feel confident, centred and in control. You’ll go fast. Really fast.

Outstanding reliability

It’s one thing to create a lightweight bike. It’s a much harder thing to create a lightweight bike that’s reliable. But that’s precisely what we’ve done with the Lux World Cup. Hit that next drop and go flat-out through that next rock garden without a second thought. This bike is tough and keeps coming back for more.

No stress kinematics

The Lux World Cup’s kinematics are designed to put minimal stress on the bearings and pivots, allowing us to equip the Lux World Cup with an ultralight rocker that doesn’t sacrifice durability. This means top-level performance and fewer trips to the mechanics.

Ceramicspeed bearings

We've gone above and beyond with the components used in the CFR frames, using super-exclusive CeramicSpeed SLT bearings. These self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, and maintenance-free bearings bring top performance in all conditions. Plus, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Long-haul hydration

Big rides and races demand plenty of water, but many XC bikes don’t even have room for one bottle. The Lux World Cup fixes this and then some by providing enough space room for two large water bottles within the frame - in every frame size. All day epics and Marathon races are more manageable, keeping you hydrated and focused on the trail ahead.

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