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All-ways trail

From spending time cruising singletrack, lapping flow trails, heading out on high mountain adventures, and ripping down technical descents, you need a bike that can handle a bit of everything. The Spectral has you covered.

Do-it-all DNA

The Spectral is a quiver killing trail bike developed on our home trails of Koblenz.
With both the AL or CF models, expect the same core ingredients that deliver grin inducing, playful handling, climb crushing efficiency and gravity-bred capability. A recipe that works on a huge range of trails, for a huge range of riders.

Stashed storage for the CF models

A next-gen bike needs next-gen storage, leave the backpack and straps at home and keep all your essentials in and on your Spectral.

Rider-first wheelsizes

Different rider sizes, ride styles, and terrain types mean riders need choice. That's why you'll find mullet and 29er options in the Spectral CF Range and size-specific wheels (XS-S 27.5 and M-XL 29er)in the Spectral AL range.

Trail tuned travel

The Spectral family rides on 150 mm travel forks and 140 or 150 mm of rear suspension for CF and AL respectively. Controlled and composed in the rough, responsive and poppy through flow trails, efficient and supportive on the climbs


The Spectral comes in a full-carbon frame range - the Spectral CF series - and an aluminium frame range - the Spectral AL series.

Spectral CF

Our next generation trail bike that takes playfulness and performance to the next level. A tough, lightweight carbon frame packed with tech including internal storage and adjustability. Equipped with K.I.S. (Keep It Stable). Available in 29er and mullet setup.

Spectral AL

Same thrills, less bills. Our aluminium all-rounder strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability with rock solid builds and smart frame features. Size-specific wheels (XS-S 27.5 and M-XL 29er).

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