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The fastest bike on the road. Raced by the top talent in pro cycling.

Pure speed.


The aero bike to beat

Lighter than its predecessor, more aero and with an open fit so all riders can benefit, the new Aeroad is a natural born winner. It features a brand new frame developed in collaboration with aerodynamics experts Swiss Side.

Aero is for everyone

From just 14 km/h, aerodynamic drag is the greatest force working against you.

And the faster you ride, the greater that force increases.

Long the preserve of the pros, our mission is to ensure every rider benefits from the aero advantage.


Sharper handling

Shorter 410 mm chainstays results in a responsive, agile ride.

And the adjustable cockpit allows more riders to dial in their perfect position making the most of the supreme cornering ability.

A truly unisex fit

There’s an Aeroad for everyone.

On Aeroad CFR and CF SLX platforms we offer seven frame sizes, from 2XS to 2XL, catering for riders mea­suring from 158 cm to 200+ cm, with 700C wheels equipped on all sizes. On the new Aeroad CF SL plat­ form however, we build an additional 3XS model for riders down to 152 cm. What’s more, we spec 650B Reynolds AR wheels on 3XS and 2XS sizes to ensure better, more consistent handling dynamics for small­ er riders.

As with our Inflite and Grail models, we know that a wheel that is more in proportion with the frame size and the rider delivers the best handling performance.

A robust, adjustable cockpit for the CFR and CF SLX models

Now with more wall thickness in key areas for added durability.

Get free speed from an aero design with integrated cables and hoses, simple width and height adjustment and a travel-friendly design.

Check out the range:

Aeroad CFR

Our lightest aero bike. Fully integrated cockpits. Incredible adjustability. World tour level components. The choice of MVDP. In short: the fastest road bike out there. 

Our pro riders give us detailed input which we use in our latest developments. And you can feel the effects out on the road.

The Aeroad CFR is lighter, stiffer and more comfortable.

The result? You go faster, for longer.

Aeroad CF SLX

Sculpted in the wind tunnel, lightning fast on the road. Balanced geometry, agile handling, tool-free cockpit adjustment. When speed counts, count on the Aeroad CF SLX. 

Aeroad CF SL

Aero made accessible. Inheriting the design DNA of the flagship CFR, the CF SL makes Aeroad speed, integrated design, carbon engineering, and incredible fit available to more riders ever. 


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