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ENDUREN Just Protein - 700g

ENDUREN Just Protein - 700g

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JUST PROTEIN - Pure Yellow Pea Protein


- Contain all EAAs

- High in BCAAs and Glutamine

- Low heat water processed pea protein

- 100% pure protein

- Muscle recovery

- Alkaline

- Easily digestible

- Plant-based


Typically used in Protein Smoothies, Soups, Baking, Dips etc. On its own it has a fairly bland, slightly salty taste. No additives.

Typical Nutritional 

per 100g per 12g scoop


1550kj 186kj
Protein 85g 10,2g


0g 0g

of which sugars

0g 0g


3g 0,3g
Phosphorus 1g 0,12g
Calcium 1100mg 132mg
Dietary Fibre 50mg 6mg
Sodium 1400mg 168mg
Potassium 200mg 24mg
Magnesium 80mg 10mg
Iron 20mg 10mg
Zinc 10mg 1,2mg

Ingredients: Pea Protein

Allergens: None

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